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When Love Comes

Chang Tso-Chi / Taiwan / 2010 / 107 min / North American Premiere


Winner of Best Feature Film, Audience Choice Award, Best Cinematography and Best Art Direction at the prestigious Taipei Golden Horse awards, WHEN LOVE COMES solidifies Chang Tso-Chi’s standing as Taiwan’s foremost chronicler of family relations and those living at the margins of society. Lai-Chuan is a free-spirited young woman on the cusp of turning 16 who lives with her mother, her father, her father’s second wife, and her developmentally disabled uncle Jie (among others). Crammed together in a Taipei flat but originally from Kinmen Island, the family struggles to run a small restaurant. Living in her own world even while surrounded by her family, Lai-Chuan daydreams, works idly at the restaurant, and sees her boyfriend in her spare time. When she discovers that she is pregnant, however, things quickly change. Her boyfriend immediately abandons her, and Lai-Chuan must turn to her family for help; whether they can, unfortunately, is another matter entirely. WHEN LOVE COMES is a film about time and transformation, about the constellation of relations and the spiritual order of the universe, whether found in a family, a city or an entire world. It can be found in a crowded family restaurant in Taipei, in Uncle Jie’s colorful drawings and childlike innocence (“I love drawing; what do you like?,” he asks his pet chicken), and in the Wind Lion statues that stand at the entrance of every Kinmen village to protect residents from the monsoon winds. Movingly, Chang shows us how, without a Wind Lion of their own, one family sustains and dignifies itself in the universe. Anita Chang


  • Director: Chang Tso-Chi
  • Executive Producer: Lu Kuo-Fu, Chang Tso-Chi
  • Producer: Joseph Liao
  • Cinematographer: Chang Chan
  • Writer: Chang Tso-Chi
  • Editor: Chang Tso-Chi


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Sat 03.19 900pm


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