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The Taqwacores

Eyad Zahra / USA / 2010 / 83 min


Based on the provocative 2003 novel that wound up inspiring the real-life Muslim American punk scene, Eyad Zahra’s debut feature takes a hard and fast look at disaffected youth in an East Coast punk house. Staying true to the D.I.Y. roots of Michael Muhammad Knight’s original book, likened by The New York Times to “The Catcher in the Rye” for young Muslims, and boasting a standout cast and killer soundtrack, this bold mash-up of the Islamic concept of taqwá (or piety) and the subculture of hardcore punk speaks straight to the misfit in us all. Urged by his parents to stay out of trouble, college kid Yusef (an endearingly naïve Bobby Naderi) moves into a house with other nice Muslims or so he thinks. Instead Yusef finds himself among a motley crew, including a straight-edge hothead, a perpetually shirtless skater and a burqa-wearing Riot Grrl (a gorgeous Noureen DeWulf, WEST BANK STORY). “Allah is too big and too open for my Islam to be small and closed,” explains the Mohawk-sporting ringleader Jehangir (the magnetic Dominic Rains, FLIGHT 93), a self-proclaimed West Coast punk straight out of "Khalifornia," who plans insane parties and innovative prayers sessions alike. As seasons change, the housemates struggle to reconcile their ever-shifting sense of halal and haram, culminating in a climactic punk show destined to change their lives forever. Not for the faint of heart or the closed-minded, THE TAQWACORES shakes up mainstream perceptions of what it means to be Muslim, punk and American. Theresa Navarro In Attendance: Eyad Zahra (Director)


  • Director: Eyad Zahra
  • Executive Producer: David Perse
  • Producer: Allison Carter, Nahal Ameri, Eyad Zahra
  • Cinematographer: JP Perry
  • Writer: Michael Muhammad Knight, Eyad Zahra
  • Editor: Joshua Rosenfield


Sat 03.12 530pm

Fri 03.18 845pm


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