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The Power of Play: Art, Social Issues and Education in Games


Games permeate the everyday: We tend to our digital farms, get points for checking in, and play in our phone arcades. Hours are spent on game consoles that feature different ways of using the body and the controller. Yet the power of play is not to be trivialized. As a persuasive and unique cultural form, the game medium also includes works of art, environments for learning, new ways of communicating, and calls to political action. This panel will consider the political and cultural implications of games while looking at their connection to cinema. It will explore games as an emerging form of storytelling, as art, and as a tool for social change. Featuring: Peter Brinson (Game Designer, Instructor of Cinema Practice, USC) Naomi Clark (Game Designer and Producer) Eric Nakamura (Publisher and editor, Giant Robot Magazine) Michella Rivera-Gravage (Director of Digital and Interactive Media, CAAM) Susana Ruiz and Huy Truong (Founders, Take Action Games)


Tue 07.23 400pm

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