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The "Issues" Issue: Decoding Race and the American Immigrant Experience in Comic Books


One of the first published graphic novels illustrated deeply personal experiences against the backdrop of an immigrant community in the Bronx. More than 30 years later, the themes from “A Contract With God” still resonate with media makers and readers of comics. Race and racism, cultural melding, and generational conflicts continue to play an essential role in comic-book narratives. In this exciting panel, guests from multiple disciplines will discuss how the American immigrant experience has colored their own work, and how representation in comics is a crucial part of the media landscape at large. Featuring: Hellen Jo (Cartoonist and comic Book Writer, “Jin & Jam #1”) Grek Pak (Filmmaker and comic Book Writer, ROBOT STORIES, “Planet Hulk,” “Vision Machine”) Alex Rivera (Filmmaker, Sleep Dealer) Gene Yang (Illustrator and comic Book Writer, “American Born Chinese”)


Fri 08.23 1230pm

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