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The House of Suh

Iris Shim / USA / 2010 / 90 min


On Sept. 25, 1993, the 19-year-old Korean American college student Andrew Suh shot to death his sister Catherine's fiancée in the victim’s Chicago garage. Two years later, the State of Illinois sentenced Andrew and Catherine to prisons only miles apart from each other, where they currently remain. In all its lurid detail, the case was sensationalized in the 1990s by Korean and U.S. media. Now exploring the tragedy through an in-depth perspective, THE HOUSE OF SUH moves beyond the headlines to tell the story of a Korean immigrant family struggling with the bonds of tradition, and of the terrible consequences of being a prized only son and a neglected, rebellious daughter. The crime is revealed piece by piece through a range of interviews, especially and most remarkably those given by Andrew Suh from prison. Despite contradictory accounts of the events, we glimpse a young boy whose mother had been brutally and mysteriously stabbed to death, whose father had died of cancer, and whose older sister had raised him and manipulated him to commit murder. In exploring multiple, interlinked deaths and the surrounding acts of vengeance and extortion, as well as the generations of family trauma stretching from Chicago to Korea, the film raises as many questions as it answers about the meaning of family loyalty, and the sibling bonds of love and hate. Chi-ming Yang In Attendance: Iris Shim (Director)


  • Director: Iris Shim
  • Producer: Gerry Kim
  • Cinematographer: Damon Hennessey, Daniel Kanes
  • Editor: Kristin Nutile


Fri 03.11 915pm

Sun 03.13 200pm


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