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Surrogate Valentine

Dave Boyle / USA / 2011 / 75 min


The charming mock-rockumentary SURROGATE VALENTINE brings together two SFIAAFF favorites, director Dave Boyle, whose comedy WHITE ON RICE was the break-out hit of the 2009 Festival, and musician Goh Nakamura, a long-time staple of the Bay Area independent music scene (and of DIRECTIONS IN SOUND). While WHITE ON RICE was a sly comedy about a loveable loser whose romantic intentions go hilariously awry, SURROGATE VALENTINE heads into fresh territory with its clever blurring of the line between reality and fiction, with Goh playing “Goh,” a guitar teacher by day, indie rocker by night, who’s about to embark on the strangest tour of his life. A little awkward, a little anti-social and entirely endearing, Goh is a full-time musician in his early 30s, busy providing music lessons in his day job and playing shows in dimly lit, poorly populated bars at night. His life, however, is about to be derailed once he embarks on a West Coast tour and decides to bring a sycophantic Hollywood actor named Danny along. While on the road, Goh reconnects with his longtime friend Rachel (the always brilliant Lynn Chen, WHITE ON RICE). As their relationship blossoms, Goh is forced to make some bold decisions that could alter his life irrevocably. Boyle and Nakamura collaborated on a music video for the WHITE ON RICE theme song and had been hoping to work together again when the idea for SURROGATE VALENTINE emerged. “We were comparing notes on being independent artists out on the road, and thought ‘Why not base a film around it?’” says Nakamura. A film of uncommon humor and humanism, similar in its low-key yet affecting tone to the recent MEDICINE FOR MELANCHOLY, SURROGATE VALENTINE continues Boyle’s indie winning streak and marks Nakamura as both a singer and an actor to watch. Modulating its deadpan comic energy with a compellingly realistic look at modern urban life and friendships, SURROGATE VALENTINE is sure to satisfy. **The screening will include a live performance by Goh Nakamura** Masashi Niwano In Attendance: Dave Boyle (Director), Goh Nakamura (Actor), Lynn Chen (Actor)


  • Director: Dave Boyle
  • Executive Producer: Gary Chou
  • Producer: Dave Boyle
  • Cinematographer: Bill Otto
  • Writer: Dave Boyle
  • Editor: Duane Anderson, Michael Lerman, Dave Boyle


Thu 03.17 700pm

Sun 03.20 330pm


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