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Summer Pasture

Lynn True, Nelson Walker III, Tsering Perlo / USA, Tibet / 2010 / 85 min


The Kham region of Tibet one of the world’s loneliest and most punishing, but most beautiful environments is the setting of this wonderfully observed documentary. Locho and Yama are a young Tibetan couple growing up quickly in the high grassland plateau. Nomadic yak herders, their lives resemble those led hundreds of years ago: She works at butter making, housekeeping and childcare, while he embarks on dawn-till-dusk treks through the landscape, grazing their herd of yaks. Their days together are grueling but content, their relationship strengthened through the simple yet complicated ways that all are, by making ends meet and staying true to one another. But changes are coming to the plateau: China’s development of the region begins to shift many of the dynamics that held true for generations, with the region’s cash crop of caterpillar fungus (a delicacy almost worth its weight in gold) offering an alternative to the couple’s ritual subsistence. The comfort and ease of the city also beckons. For Locho and Yama, a desire for their daughter to have an easier life than them begins to raise difficult questions about their own future, and whether they are out of place in the only home they know. With a warmth, humor and patience that draws out the incredible drama and nuance of nomadic life, SUMMER PASTURE explores the romanticism and hard realities of living off the land, as well as a historic moment in Tibet’s history, when the choice between tradition and modernity is anything but black and white. Chi-hui Yang In Attendance: Lynn True (Co-director), Nelson Walker III (Co-director)


  • Director: Lynn True, Nelson Walker III, Tsering Perlo
  • Producer: Lynn True, Nelson Walker III
  • Cinematographer: Nelson Walker |||
  • Editor: Lynn True


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Sat 03.12 400pm

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