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Suite Suite Chinatown

/ Canada


Suite Suite Chinatown presents the theme of “Chinatown” to a group of artistically diverse, award-winning Chinese Canadian filmmakers, and asks, “What is your Chinatown?” What results is a collaboratively produced, multi-genre cinematic vision of Chinatown, where anything is possible and the unexpected shall be expected. While segments of Suite Suite Chinatown are attributed to individual filmmakers, the project’s distinct perspective and overall vision was mined by the entire collaborative. In these videos the disposable and the frivolous reveal a greater, but perhaps unintended, meaning. They represent the concerns of history, family, legacy and culture, but in a distinctly material (and North American) way. Unified by a nostalgic concern for Chinatown’s past, present and future, these artists’ vision of Chinatown is mediated through memories and materials, rather than a more traditional representational view of what Chinatown is or isn’t. Howie Shia and Lillian Chan’s Chinatown OVERTURE is an organic animation that alludes to a changing and literally “fluid” Chinatown, while their LIPSYNC animations observe the diversity of Chinese culture and language. Serena Lee’s PRETTY LUCKY is a saturated collision of Youtube and karaoke videos with folk art traditions that together are both en- dearing and tacky. Heather Keung’s AUNTIE and UNCLES are brooding and boisterous, re-scanned home-movie tributes to family characters familiar to us all. ELIZABETH STREET, by Lesley Loksi Chan, features a lone image of Toronto’s original Chinatown and comments on our abilities to turn history on and off. Aram Siu Wai Collier’s neo-noir PLASTIC FUTURE spins the space and values of Chinatown from new perspective, while Joyce Wong’s excitingly inclusive HOW TO PARTY... will have audiences stomping their feet. Furthering the collaborative nature of the project, Suite Suite Chinatown features another exciting creative layer: live music! The filmmakers have collaborated with music composer Arthur Yeung and friends on a musical and sonic accompaniment that accentuates the aural vibrancy of Chinatown. For this special San Francisco presentation Yeung has joined forces with the local artist Jack Tung to create a re-imagining of the original Toronto-based score, one that ensures a viewing experience unique to this show. A festival event that one can’t get anywhere else, Suite Suite Chinatown is an innovative live presentation of film, music and sound that you will not forget. The screening will be accompanied by a live performance by Arthur Yeung and others. Yeung is a classically trained pianist and composer who has performed across Toronto and Montreal with his electronic musical endeavors and his dance collaborations, Falling Line. He has also been integral to indie bands such as We Love and Crown. Accompanied by a live performance by local musician Jack Tung, and followed by a panel where special guests will discuss professional and personal experiences growing up in San Francisco and Toronto Chinatowns. SUITE SUITE CHINATOWN to be introduced by Consul General Cassie Doyle, Consulate General of Canada, San Francisco, Silicon Valley, and SF Board of Supervisors President David Chiu. Attending Guests include: Konrad Ng, Assistant Professor, University of Hawaii Carolyn Goossen, Associate Editor, New America Media David Chiu, President, San Francisco Board of Supervisors Lillian Chan, Director Aram Siu Wai Collier, Project Director Heather Keung, Director Joyce Wong, Director Arthur Yeung, Composer Jack Tung, Musician



Mon 03.14 700pm


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