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Stepping Forward, Looking Back: Taking Stock of the Nature, Business and Future of Indian Cinema


Once upon a time, Indian films were overwhelmingly associated with extravagant song-and-dance productions of Bollywood. Today the nearly century-old industry has grown to become a complex, promising and potentially (hugely) profitable giant in the world of cinema. In this informative discussion, five experts examine the evolution of Indian cinema, the emergence of independent work from a new generation of filmmakers, the successes and failures of cross-over films, and what all this means for distribution and financing. The conversation will offer a frank assessment of whether India becomes a big player similar to Hollywood or creates a whole new playing field altogether. Featuring: Assem Chhabra (Freelance Entertainment Writer and Host of "The Assem Chhabra Show") Santhosh Daniel (Director of Programs, Global Film Initiative) Priya Desai (Independent Writer and Producer) Richie Mehta (Filmmaker, AMAL) Lisa Tsering (Entertainment Editor, India-West)


Tue 07.23 300pm

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