Silent Rituals and Hovering Proxies

Silent Rituals and Hovering Proxies

This series of poignant films examines the resonance of our routines, and both our large and small moments. Each piece provides a unique reflection on the texture of life. Filmmakers in Attendance

Thu 09.19 215pm

Thu 09.19 645pm


Hovering Proxies

Oliver Husain / Canada / 2010 / 4 min

Floating balloons personify the art scene in a delightfully playful look at the ritual of gallery openings.

A Loud Quiet

Laurie Tsou / China / 2010 / 12 min

In this sharp portrayal of human inclination, a man offers help to a distressed young girl, though he's not quite sure what her predicament is. As the issue becomes clearer, his intentions become murkier.


Dean Yamada / Japan / 2009 / 21 min

Cued by a mysterious letter, the otherwise idle Mamoru must overcome his withdrawn disposition in order to retrieve each part of his stolen bicycle, a task that allows him to restore meaning to his life.

Solitary Moon

Eva Tang / Singapore / 2010 / 2 min

SOLITARY MOON is at once a study of the windows of skyscrapers at night, a contemplation of urban isolation, and a perfectly matched series of compositionally haunting images.


Beeli Sim / Singapore / 2009 / 15 min

Ming deals with the loss of her mother, while her father grieves differently in this poignant film about memories and accepting the unacceptable. Here, quiet, understated performances resonate louder than copious tears or theatrics.


Edmund Yeo / Malaysia, Japan / 2010 / 17 min

In this meditation on the relationship between intimacy and economic stasis, a young couple struggles to overcome the disparity in their social classes. After failing to find new opportunities in Japan, Mei must regain what she left behind and accept the burden of her dreams.

Rare Fish

Basil Mironer / Indonesia / 2009 / 11 min

Unable to accept the loss of his wife, Ribud considers whether he wants to continue living. However, a separate tragedy ignites his will to live.


Janice Ahn / USA / 2010 / 13 min

The titular modest musical instrument provides life’s largest moment in this superbly composed, reflective film. A vital work that affirms every role we play.

Nature On Its Course

Su-An Ng / Canada / 2009 / 3 min

A starkly animated parable examines the effects of ecological plundering and excessive hunting.

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