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Saigon Electric

Stephane Gauger / Vietnam, USA / 2010 / 103 min / World Premiere


“We are the future.” This bold declaration emblazoned on a gritty inner-city backdrop announces the beginning of SAIGON ELECTRIC, Stephane Gauger’s foray into cinematic urban cool. It also signals a new age in on-screen representations of Saigon, filtered here through Gauger’s Asian American lens. Not your grandmother’s city, Gauger’s Saigon is a global metropolis in which Western fads meet Eastern innovations and surreptitious graffiti artists brush up against wide-eyed hip-hop ingénues in the city’s bristling dance clubs. Enter Mai, Saigon’s newest resident. A traditional ribbon dancer, Mai hopes to secure a coveted spot at the National Dance Academy. But her plans are derailed when she encounters Kim, a rebellious hip-hop dancer with a troubled past, and her charismatic dance crew, Saigon Fresh. Lead by sexy captain Do-Boy, Saigon Fresh is a crew on a mission to beat national champs North Killaz and to rescue a local center for disadvantaged youths in the process. Erotic entanglements, class antagonisms and an epic dance battle ensue. Those who have seen Gauger’s acclaimed OWL AND THE SPARROW (SFIAAFF ‘07) will already be familiar with the director’s compassionate insights into contemporary Vietnamese youth culture. Here Gauger continues what he does best while capitalizing on the current trendiness of urban dance (witness, for example, the successful STEP UP franchise and AMERICA’S BEST DANCE CREW). Filled with sensory delights, including a soundtrack of fresh hip-hop beats and spectacular cinematography that pops with the same intensity as Saigon Fresh’s sickest moves, SAIGON ELECTRIC is a seduction of body and spirit. Curran Nault In Attendance: Stephane Gauger (Director), Anderson Le (Executive Producer)


  • Director: Stephane Gauger
  • Executive Producer: Anderson Le, Kenneth Nguyen, Michael Estes Dinh, Rich Long Nguyen, Tawny Truc Nguyen, Alex Vo, Carson Vo
  • Producer: Danny Do, Elizabeth Ai, Ryan Hoang Hubris, Jimmy Nghiem Pham, Stephane Gauger
  • Writer: Stephane Gauger
  • Editor: Danny Do, Ham Tran


Sat 03.12 315pm

Mon 03.14 830pm

Sat 03.19 315pm


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