Fathers, sons, mothers and daughters: whether you’re living in a Texas motel or on a Hong Kong rooftop, family dynamics are often the trickiest things in life to perfect. These shorts provide an at- times heartfelt, at-times hilarious account of the difficult art of surviving everything life throws at you, especially your family. Filmmakers in Attendance

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Once Upon a Rooftop

Sybil Wendler / Hong Kong / 2010 / 30 min

This document of the world of Hong Kong rooftop dwellers invites audiences into the lives of fan dancers, immigrants and young students with dreams of becoming doctors and guitar players. Their lives are tenuous, especially with eviction imminent, but filled with an enduring hope for a brighter future as they try their best to lay down roots atop a city's concrete tenements.


Soham Mehta / USA / 2010 / 19 min

Indian immigrant Naveen starts working hard in Texas in order to bring his wife and young son to the States within a year. One recession and three years later, he finally succeeds, but some unexpected new obstacles emerge when his family arrives on the Fourth of July. What happens next is a beautiful portrayal of a dedicated father and husband doing whatever it takes to regain his family’s trust.


Andrew Ahn / USA / 2010 / 6 min

Andy is a cute little boy with a lot of curiosity. On a family outing to the mall, he permits his mom to put a little lipstick on him while she is visiting a store’ s makeup counter. His grumpy father shoos him into the bathroom to wash his face off, but soon panics after realizing he’ s let his own bad mood compromise his son’s safety.

Top Spin

Sara Newens, Mina T. Son / USA / 2010 / 12 min

Ariel Hsing is a ping-pong player, but not just any ping-pong player. The papers call her a "paddle powerhouse" and a "preteen titan." She’ s No. 1 in her age group, and you’re about to understand why.


Joyce Wu / USA / 2010 / 11 min

An aspiring actress rushes to the hospital upon receiving word that her father has suffered a heart attack. Upon receiving even more bad news during a phone call from an aunt in China, she must use all her strength to conceal a tragic truth from her parents.

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