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Pixels, Politics and Play


As part of Festival Forum this year, we are presenting our inaugural independent games exhibition. Games are a natural platform for art-making and can approach social issues in persuasive and powerful ways. They are a new form of storytelling, whether fiction or non-fiction, that change how you see the world. In this show we go beyond the chart-toppers of the gaming world and highlight the best of indie, artful, and educational. This exhibition is part of a larger games track at SFIAAFF29 that includes an insightful panel on games and a game night. Featured Games Include: THE CAT AND THE COUP by Peter Brinson & Kurosh Valanejad THE CAT AND THE COUP is a documentary-based game in which you play the cat of Dr. Mohammed Mossadegh, the first democratically elected Prime Minister of Iran. CALVIN AND HELLEN'S BOGUS JOURNEY by Hellen Jo, Calvin Wong, Derek Yo In CALVIN AND HELLEN'S BOGUS JOURNEY the main characters mosey through a mish-mash of environments, attacking naked dudes and stealing their masks to wear and wield as weapons. Good weird fun, definitely. CLIMBING SACRED MOUNTAIN by Center for Asian American Media CLIMBING SACRED MOUNTAIN is a prototype based on the feature-length documentary film, DAUGHTERS OF EVEREST, about the first-ever expedition of Sherpa women to climb the infamous peak. Plus: More games from Take Action Games, Naomi Clark, Arthur Lee and others!


Thu 09.19 1200pm

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