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Byamba Sakhya / Mongolia / 2010 / 83 min / North American Premiere


The delicate state of Mongolian cinema, past and present, is the subject of this spectacularly beautiful documentary by cinematographer Byamba Sakhya. Even those of us familiar with Asian film know precious little about Mongolian cinema, which began under heavy Soviet influence and is now in serious decline. Byamba takes us on a road movie through Mongolia’s filmmaking history as he travels across remote landscapes with the veteran director Binder Jigjid, going from town to town screening his 2008 film HUMAN TRAFFIC, “a true story about a woman who sold her sister’s kidney.” His small crew puts up movie posters in village cultural centers and tries to coax locals to watch films, with varying results. Dismayed by meager ticket sales, Binder reminisces about the struggles of his famous director father Jigjid Dejid, who was censored by the Communist Party and was eventually replaced by another director on his 1988 epic QUEEN MANDUKHAI, perhaps the most expensive Mongolian film made. As the capital’s warm autumn gives way to the harsh snowstorms of the steppes, Byamba is reminded of the drastic transitions in the Mongolian filmmaker’s life. But like the hardy horses standing in the middle of a snowy road in one lovely shot, he thinks there is a “never-changing ‘thing’ in us” that remains true: a passion for filmmaking. PASSION, which won the grand prize in the Asian Vision Competition at the 2010 Taiwan International Documentary Festival, also features tantalizing clips from landmark Mongolian films, including fragments censored by the Communist regime. Frako Loden


  • Director: Byamba Sakhya
  • Producer: Ariunaa Tserenpil
  • Cinematographer: Byamba Sakhya
  • Writer: Byamba Sakhya
  • Editor: Byamba Sakhya


Sun 03.13 400pm

Fri 03.18 700pm

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