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One Kine Day

Chuck Mitsui / USA / 2010 / 100 min


A teenage slacker on the “forgotten side” of Oahu tries to get through the most eventful day of his life in this sweet-natured ode to island life, skate culture and youth, which won the Hawaii International Film Festival’s Audience Award for Best Film. The doe-eyed, slightly dopey Ralsto seems content to spend his days “working” on some new skate moves, but things change fast when his girlfriend says she's pregnant. Realizing that he needs to get some green, fast, Ralsto embarks on an adventure across Oahu, looking for something, anything, to help him get paid. Several cock fights, skateboard sessions, backyard parties and other bad ideas later, Ralsto still finds himself with no money but one very angry drug dealer on his tail. Fortunately or unfortunately he’s still got his friends, whether it's the suitably dissolute fellow skater Sean, the fast-talking, amateurishly criminal “man with da plan” Nalu, or the wrestler-sized neighbors Sam and Barry, tough-looking local boys who are always on Ralsto’s case but will always have his back. "What I tried to show was the real Hawaii," director Chuck Mitsui (a former skate-shop entrepreneur and former Bay Area resident) said of his directorial debut. "The local's perspective." Scenic and slightly stoned, the film’s easygoing portrait of Oahu’s tight-knit, multi-ethnic working-class communities is further strengthened by its catchy “Jawaiian” soundtrack, a blend of Jamaican reggae by way of Hawaiian hip-hop that’s everywhere on the island but rarely heard outside it. Jason Sanders In Attendance: Chuck Mitsui (Director)


  • Director: Chuck Mitsui
  • Executive Producer: Effie Brown
  • Producer: Torry Tukuafu, Angela Laprete
  • Cinematographer: Michael Lohman
  • Writer: Chuck Mitsui
  • Editor: Seong Kyu Whang


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Mon 03.14 400pm

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