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M/F Remix

Jy-Ah Min / USA / 2010 / 78 min / US Premiere


In the mid-'60s, Jean-Luc Godard staged a revolution, not on the ground but in cinema. His startling films anticipated the upheaval of May '68 and the disillusionment that would follow. But it was MASCULIN FÉMININ (1966) that captured the tenuous tempo of its time as Paul (played by New Wave icon Jean-Pierre Léaud), a self-inflated literary wannabe, sets out to find loopy love among the hip set in Paris. Sprinkled with pop references, improvised around distracted interviews, and constituted like a highbrow comic book, MASCULIN FÉMININ was, Godard declared, about “the children of Marx and Coca-Cola.” Those children well, one of them, Jy-Ah Min, who’s more a grandchild have now reared up to remix Godard’s revolution. Lifting the aggressive style of MASCULIN FÉMININ, the brash tags on screen, the disarming direct address, the jarring sonic cuts, and short excerpts from the ur-text itself, M/F REMIX repurposes this Godardian inquiry for a new generation. The year is 2004, and war rages abroad. Ensconced in their slogan-strewn digs, “revolution” emblazoned serially in their apartment like a decorative mural, Mimi (Mimi Goh) and Philip (Philip Westerland) toy with romance while History takes place elsewhere. A young Korean American, director Jy-Ah places her generation in a cultural milieu where everything from sexuality to politics has been monetized. Yet the act of remixing, of bringing the past forward as a source of sustenance, recuperates the possibilities for engagement. M/F REMIX should be in heavy rotation. Steve Seid In Attendance: Jy-Ah Min (Director)


  • Director: Jy-Ah Min
  • Executive Producer: Jean-Pierre Gorin
  • Cinematographer: Jy-Ah Min
  • Writer: Jy-Ah Min
  • Editor: Jy-Ah Min


Sat 03.12 400pm

Tue 03.15 900pm

Wed 03.16 700pm

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