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Mastering the Art of Engagement and Crowdsourcing


Being an independent documentary filmmaker may not be as hard as it used to be, but it still entails much more than producing and directing a film. Documentary filmmakers are an impassioned and energetic bunch, ready to go to great lengths to find funding and distribution for their work, but nowadays it isn’t just about making the film and sending it out into the world. It’s like raising a child — the birth is only the beginning. As with any contemporary medium, technology and other new tools have greatly affected how documentaries are presented to the public. With crowd- sourcing, the separation between filmmaker, subject and public virtually disappears. Filmmakers use crowdsourcing to cross boundaries and create a connection with the communities that surround their projects. This panel will explore this new dynamic through case studies, offer new strategies for media makers, and even reveal funding opportunities. Featuring: Jennifer Macarthur (Director of TV and Digital Media engagement, National center for Media engagement) John lightfoot (Program Officer, california council for the Humanities) Alicia Dwyer and Tom Xia (Producer, Director, XMAS WITHOUT CHINA) Ellen Schneider (Executive Director, active Voice) Pete Nicks (Producer, THe WAITING ROOM) Dien S. Yuen (Chief Philanthrophy Officer, Give2asia)


Thu 09.19 1200pm

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