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Made In India

Rebecca Haimowitz, Vaishali Sinha / USA / 2010 / 97 min


Unable to have children of their own, Lisa and Brian Switzer are ready to take out the equity in their Texas home if it means they can become parents, but it’s not still enough to afford a surrogate mother in the States. But what if a poor woman in India is willing to do it for a fraction of the cost? Rebecca Haimowitz and Vaishali Sinha’s documentary gets up close and personal with the booming trade in “procreative tourism.” While the Switzers are not allowed to meet Aasia (the surrogate mother), the filmmakers have access to both parties and chronicle the complications that start piling up even before Aasia’s belly begins to grow. With remarkable access to all the go-betweens, from agencies in India and the American hospital that put these “packages” together to the U.S. Consulate in Mumbai, this thought-provoking film doesn’t shy away from the knotty ethical (and financial) dilemmas posed by surrogacy across international borders. Beyond the politics, what makes MADE IN INDIA truly succeed are the people in it. The Switzers could easily have been stereotypical Ugly Americans, wearing XXL T-shirts while going baby shopping in the Third World. But the film presents their story without judgment and with respect, witnessing their reactions as they come face to face with joy, disappointment and Indian bureaucracy. And Aasia, the surrogate mother, bursting into giggles as she ponders this miracle of conceiving a child without involving a man, is a filmmaker’s dream: feisty, pragmatic and hoping for a better future for her children. Sandip Roy In Attendance: Rebecca Haimowitz (Co-director), Vaishali Sinha (Co-director)


  • Director: Rebecca Haimowitz, Vaishali Sinha
  • Executive Producer: Erin Heidnreich
  • Producer: Rebecca Haimowitz, Vaishali Sinha
  • Cinematographer: Adri Thakur, Basia Winograd, Haimowitz, Sinha
  • Editor: Myles Kane


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