Life, Interrupted

Life, Interrupted

In this program, modernity is defined by upheaval, protest, lost innocence, desire and, of course, the spirit of the lychee throughout the eons. From Iraq to India, Shanghai to Hawaii to New York City’s Chinatown, these compelling and thoughtfully told stories are as- tute time capsules of what we are today, and where we may end up tomorrow. Filmmakers in Attendance

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My Name is Mohammed

Sinan Najm Abdullah / United Kingdom, Iraq, Jordan / 2009 / 8 min

The young Iraqi refugee Mohammed shines shoes outside his refugee camp, raising money for his sick mother’s medicine while watching over his younger sister. Forced to mature rapidly, this 9-year-old can only cherish the nostalgia of his lost childhood, aware he can never return to the innocence he once knew.

Room #11

ManSee Kong / USA / 2010 / 7 min

A mother and daughter’s low-rent apartment in New York's Chinatown is their tranquil sanctuary, but the upheaval occurring outside their front door is about to change it forever. Apprehension is simply a door knock away.

Lychee Thieves

Kathleen Kwai Ching Man / USA / 2010 / 28 min

Picking the ripened fruit from a married couple’s lychee tree is anything but routine, especially when Hawaiian stereotypes emerge, in this tale of how lychee’s mystical and historical spirit is internalized in Hawaiians young and old.

Made in China

Javier Roberto Carlos / Canada, China / 2010 / 12 min

This documentary interviews key figures in the emerging Shanghai rock-music subculture, such as musician/producer J Lee of Tripe Smash, YuGuo and MoMo, and club owner Zhang Haisheng, and reveals their dreams and desires to cultivate an appreciative audience worldwide while still creating songs that are uniquely about China.

Pink Chaddis

Sweta Vohra / USA / 2010 / 24 min

The violent 2009 Mangalore pub attack on young Indian women by the ultra-conservative Sri Ram Sena, who imagine themselves to be India's moral police, gave rise to the Pink Chaddis, a non-violent campaign for women's rights and freedoms. This inspiring documentary follows the birth of the movement and its fight back against those who insist on defining how women should behave.

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