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James Lee / Malaysia / 2009 / 91 min


Best known for more introspective festival fare, like THE BEAUTIFUL WASHING MACHINE and ROOM TO LET, the acclaimed Malaysian director James Lee branched out in 2009 with the glossy 35mm HISTERIA, a fun horror flick that cleverly infused the supernatural formula with Malaysian aesthetics and folklore. Six sassy schoolgirls find themselves in a deadly situation when they pretend to be “possessed” in order to pull a prank on their teachers. To no one’s surprise, things don’t go quite as planned, and they accidentally conjure up supernatural forces bent on the girl’s demise. Wryly tweaking Malaysian urban legends that any “hysterical” young woman is “possessed,” HISTERIA caused a hysteria all its own as the first Malaysian film to ever showcase an on-screen lesbian kiss. Masashi Niwano This screening is part of SFIAAFF29’s After Death: Retrospective on Horror Cinema of South East Asia.


  • Director: James Lee
  • Producer: Gayatri Su-Lin Pillai
  • Cinematographer: Mohd Helmi Yusof
  • Writer: Fahmi Fadzil, Amri Rohayat
  • Editor: Akashdeep Singh


Fri 03.11 1130pm

Sat 03.19 800pm


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