Funded by the Independent Television Service (ITVS), this ground- breaking series features some of the most exciting filmmakers today, including Nisha Ganatra and Susan Yoonessi (DEAR LEMON LIMA, SFIAAFF ’10). Set in a not-too-distant future, these high-impact shorts spotlight human resilience in the face of war, disease and an ever-evolving technological landscape. Filmmakers in Attendance

Wed 10.16 400pm

Wed 10.16 730pm



Nisha Ganatra / USA / 2010 / 20 min

Red Hills, a bubble-enclosed city where food, health care and even weather are closely controlled by the government, appears to be an idyllic paradise to those within its walls. When generic regulations threaten her unborn child, a woman is forced to make a choice that could leave her alone, and in the world outside of the bubble.

That Which Once Was

Kimi Takesue / USA / 2010 / 20 min

In compensation for destroying one of his works, Vicente, a young “environmental refugee,” reluctantly begins to assist a neighborhood ice sculptor. Together, the two begin to reconnect with the memories that haunt them, realizing they have more in common than the ice between their hands.

Digital Antiquities

JP Chan / USA / 2010 / 15 min

A tiny antique shop in Philadelphia is the sole hope for a young man clinging to the final gift of his late mother an indecipherable CD. Enlisting the assistance of the shop’s owner, he dives into an intriguing underground world and unearths a family he never knew.

Spring of Sorrow

Suzi Yoonessi / USA / 2010 / 12 min

The director of DEAR LEMON LIMA (Best Narrative Film, SFIAAFF ’10) offers a glimpse into a future where water is the Earth’s most precious resource. In this gorgeous, heartwarming fable, fantasy and reality intertwine as a young girl embarks on a quest to heal her ailing sister.

Worker Drone

Sharat Raju / USA / 2011 / 20 min

A pair of work-a-day call center operators thrill at the opportunity to take on a new assignment, play-testing a realistic multiplayer shooting game called Planet Dogstar. Office politics and friendly competition quickly become more sinister as they discover the stakes are higher than they had imagined.


Mia Trachinger / USA / 2010 / 16 min

In the midst of a global epidemic, an activist flees a cabal of government agents tasked with administering a mysterious contagion. Do they carry the virus or the vaccine? Leonardo Nam of HE’S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU and UNDOING (SFIAAFF ’07) stars.

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