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Dooman River

Zhang Lu / China / 2009 / 89 min


The Dooman (or Tumen) River winds along the border separating North Korea and northern China. Despite its pollution and a heavy military presence, it is the favorite place of crossing for Korean refugees into China, thanks to its relatively short, shallow span. While playing, young Chang-ho, who lives on the Chinese side of the river, meets a young Korean refuge, Jeong-jin, and they immediately bond over their mutual love of soccer. Soon Chang-ho and his family are plying Jeong-jin with hot meals and food for his dying sister across the border. As local authorities ramp up prosecution of North Korean refugees, Chang-ho makes a shocking discovery that pits him against his new friend. Considering the number of South Korean films haunted by the every- day awareness that long-lost family members languish on the other side of the DMZ, it comes as a surprise that a Chinese film should ad- dress the subject so astutely and sublimely. DOOMAN captures the subdued majesty of the snowy mountain locale, and serves as a visual poem about the people of the Dooman and the stretches of silence and song that mark their endless numbered days. Jackson Scarlett CAAM is proud to partner with the Global Film Initiative (GFI) for this screening of DOOMAN RIVER -- a GFI grant recipient and selection from the Initiative's Global Lens 2011 film series. DOOMAN's original storytelling and commitment to social awareness mirrors the core missions of GFI and CAAM, and its inclusion in this year's program marks the launch of an annual partnership between our two organizations for presentation of films during the SFIAAFF.


  • Director: Zhang Lu
  • Producer: Li Zhan
  • Cinematographer: Lee Jeong Jin, Guillaume de Seille, Woo Hye Kyung
  • Editor: Francois Quiquere


Fri 03.11 430pm

Mon 03.14 930pm


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