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Le Thanh Son / Vietnam / 2009 / 100 min


A hard-boiled female assassin joins forces with a motley group of thugs in this bone-crunching martial-arts epic, a wild throw-back to the glory days of Hong Kong cinema that was Vietnam’s biggest box-office hit of the year. Starring the real-life couple of Johnny Tri Nguyen and Veronica Ngo “Vietnam’s Brangelina,” if Brangelina could knock three men into a wall with one scissor kick CLASH revs up the Vietnamese action revival that began with Charlie Nguyen’s THE REBEL (also starring Nguyen and Ngo, and sharing many of the same crew) and takes it to the next level. The film’s plot both utterly over the top and barely existent, like any great action film involves the brooding but deadly hitwoman Trinh (Ngo) assembling a gang of mercenaries for the proverbial “one last job.” Needless to say, each bad-ass has their reasons for taking the task, and none of them match; most mysterious of them all is Quan (a smoldering Nguyen). As the job quickly goes from “no problem” to “oh s**t,” Trinh, Quan and the others find themselves battling French mobsters, Vietnamese gangsters and one another, as well as Trinh’s evil overlord boss, the deadliest of them all. Whereas THE REBEL was set in the distant past and featured more classic martial arts styles, CLASH takes place in the here and now, and so presents a dirtied-up, close-quarters fighting aesthetic that’s more MMA-style, but even more kinetic, insane and crowd-pleasing. The California-raised former stuntman Nguyen delivers a performance that should if there was any justice in the world make him a Hollywood superstar, believable as both a high-kicking face-destruction machine and a smoking hot, suave romantic lead (and yes, he’s often shirtless), while the similarly high-cheekboned Ngo (a popular singer in Vietnam) more than holds her own against him. Director Le Thanh Son, shooting down and dirty with the Red camera, keeps the action framed and shot like a classic ‘80s Hong Kong action film (you half expect Yuen Biao or Cynthia Rothrock to show up, perms and all), and makes CLASH one of the most entertaining action films of the year. Jason Sanders In Attendance: Johnny Tri Nguyen (Actor), Ngo Thanh Van (Actor)


  • Director: Le Thanh Son
  • Executive Producer: Rich Long Nguyen, Tawny Nguyen, Ryan Hoang Hubris, Alex Vo, Carson Vo
  • Producer: Jimmy Nghiem Pham, Johnny Tri Nguyen, Veronica Ngo Thanh Van
  • Cinematographer: Dominic Pereira
  • Writer: Johnny Tri Nguyen, Le Thanh Son, Ho Quang Hung


Sun 03.13 630pm


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