Chicken Proof

Chicken Proof

Gangsters, gophers and godmothers — these unexpected charac- ters prove that when the cards are stacked against you, the effort of trying is never overrated. From campy plots of murder to mistaking cocaine bricks for pancake mix, these humorous shorts reflect on the absurdity of life and what it takes to succeed. Filmmakers in Attendance

Fri 08.23 930pm

Fri 08.23 400pm


Chubby Can Kill

Kevin Ung / Hong Kong / 2010 / 20 min

Ever fantasize about offing those despicable bullies that frequent your local video store, make inappropriate remarks to the woman of your dreams, and constantly call you fat? The time for action is now.

The Godmother

Lior Chefetz / USA / 2010 / 15 min

A simple misunderstanding between a suspicious woman and her mobster boyfriend leads to a comedic mix of hitmen, shootouts and one marriage proposal. Oh yes, and don't forget the mother-in-law-to-be.

Masala Mama

Michael Kam / Singapore / 2010 / 8 min

Beneath the everyday lies super power. Two seemingly unlikely, multi-generational heroes showcase their hidden comic-book personas to combat those who dare oppress them.

To Wander in Pandemonium

Edward Kim / USA / 2009 / 24 min

Make pancakes, find the family turtle and steal from the family drug cartel: fail. The only person who can save the day now is a 7-year-old who knows how to play cards.


Sam Chen / USA / 2010 / 5 min

Adventure ensues in this award-winning animated film as some cute creatures of the Amazon embark on a treacherous journey, all in the name of lunch. And performance.

Gophers in Space

Shannon Ang / Singapore, Canada / 2009 / 4 min

Space, the final frontier. Find out what happens when a team of gophers suit up and rocket off to the ultimate unknown.

Hang in There

Leslie Supnet / Canada / 2009 / 3 min

So cute, so cuddly. But be careful of that relentless swarm of teddy bear bees that come from within and want to hunt you down. Hang in there, little buddy.

Junko's Shamisen

Sol Friedman / Canada / 2009 / 11 min

Revenge! With the help of a mystical fox at her side, a young girl avenges her grandfather’s death in this mixed-media tale of innocence, evil and bloodshed.

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