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Break Up Club

Barbara Wong / Hong Kong / 2010 / 115 min / North American Premiere


“I think ... many people might not have experienced true love. But they must have been a dumper or a dumpee. So I want to shoot a true ... break-up story.” As she holds auditions for her next project, director Barbara Wong (as “director Barbara Wong”) cagily outlines her motivations to an on-site news crew. Moments later, recent dumpee Joe (Jaycee Chan, son of Jackie Chan and a pop idol in his own right) arrives with just the kind of story she’s looking for: a tale of a mysterious Web site,, that will reunite estranged lovers if one party enters the name of a happy couple and agrees to separate them in exchange. Shot almost entirely in the first person, BREAK UP CLUB is less a commentary on the exploitation of the reality television phenomenon than a smart reflection of the very contemporary obsession with documenting our lives, and loves, on camera. Chronicling ups and downs that are at times comical and at others tear-jerking, Wong’s sensitive portrayal of Joe and his girlfriend Flora (Fiona Sit) refuses to paint broad strokes, instead pinpointing the endearing mundanity of the everyday world of lovers nagging, jealousy and all. Featuring warm, nuanced performances by Jaycee and Fiona that have ensured their real-life relationship never goes unmentioned in critical reviews, BREAK UP CLUB makes it hard not to feel that Wong has shown us more than her cynical celluloid counterpart hoped for not just a true break-up story, but a true love story. Jackson Scarlett


  • Director: Barbara Wong
  • Executive Producer: Gus Liem
  • Producer: Leonard Wong
  • Cinematographer: Kenny Tse
  • Writer: Leonard Wong, Barbara Wong
  • Editor: Wai Chiu Chung


Fri 03.11 920pm

Sun 03.13 900pm

Sun 03.20 800pm


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