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Anna May Wong: In Her Own Words

Yunah Hong / USA, South Korea / 2010 / 58 min / North American Premiere


"I represent one considerable spot of yellow that's come to stay on the silver of the screen," declared the legendary Chinese American actress Anna May Wong early in her career. Intricately constructed and visually rich, ANNA MAY WONG: IN HER OWN WORDS chronicles the life of the first Asian American actress to grace Hollywood screens in the early 20th century. Eight years in the making, this documentary features insightful commentary from prominent Asian American actors, artists and film scholars, as well as from Wong’s acquaintances, family friends and studio colleagues. A treasure trove of clips and images from Wong's cinematic career draw viewers into the magic of her screen presence and craft. Actress Doan Ly re-enacts Wong's cabaret performances and makes Wong's words, culled from interviews and letters, literally come alive. Hong allows audiences to imagine the challenges confronting Wong as an unconventional Chinese American woman within her family and community, and the endless limitations confronting Wong as an Asian American actress during a period steeped in racist and sexist attitudes and policies. Yet despite all this, Wong still held true to her love of the "irresistible" motion picture. "For there is nothing I prefer to do. The harder the work, the greater the satisfaction in accomplishing it." Through hard work, determination and personal sacrifice, Wong would star in over 50 films during her over-20-year career and leave an indelible mark in the history of motion pictures. Preceded by short SLAYING THE DRAGON RELOADED, by Elaine Kim (30min) Anita Chang In Attendance: Yunah Hong (Director)


  • Director: Yunah Hong
  • Executive Producer: William Smock
  • Producer: William Smock
  • Cinematographer: Eric Lin, Liam Dalzell


Sat 03.12 1245pm

Sun 03.13 330pm

Wed 03.16 715pm


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