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Naoki Katô / Japan / 2010 / 113 min


“The shrimp molts all its life!” exclaims Buddhist monk Jonen, at the climax of a disastrous Career Day speech at the local high school. Little does he know he’s about to embark on his own unpeeling. Once the wild lead singer of a thrash rock band, Jonen has settled into his duties at a small-town temple with his wife and young son, but the incident at the school sends him spiraling into a deep depression. Pining for the excesses of his youth, he decides to mount his own rock show, an endeavor that meets with resistance from his wife (who begs him to keep his clothes on) and disapproval from members of the community who find it unseemly that a monk should want to rock. Encouraged by the bemused support of the temple’s head monk, Jonen forges enthusiastically ahead, writing songs and printing posters. But when a local tragedy threatens to upend his already fragile mental state, he is forced to confront the tension between the life he has chosen and the music that seems to have chosen him. Fresh from Sundance, this probing tale of one man’s journey to reconcile the disparate facets of his life explores the conflict between traditional demands and personal aspirations in contemporary small-town Japan. Shot with an understated eye for natural beauty and spiked with moments of gentle humor, ABRAXAS is a compassionate and genuinely insightful reminder that all of us, like the shrimp, are continually in the process of renewing ourselves. Sharon Mizota


  • Director: Naoki Katô
  • Producer: Hiroko Matsuda, Kosuke Oshida
  • Cinematographer: Ryuto Kondo
  • Writer: Naoki Katô, Dai Sakô
  • Editor: Hitomi Kato


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