3rd I South Asian Int’l Shorts 2011

3rd I South Asian Int'l Shorts 2011

A vibrant compilation of poignant, playful and romantic films from India and the United States. Filmmakers in Attendance

Wed 10.16 115pm

Wed 10.16 415pm

Wed 10.16 1200pm



Terrie Samundra / USA, India / 2009 / 25 min

Kunjo, a refugee girl from Rajasthan, has a gift for telling stories. But when the local school holds a writing competition, her burgeoning friendship with a schoolgirl, and her place in society, is put in jeopardy.

You Can't Curry Love

Reid Waterer / USA, India / 2010 / 23 min

An irresistible Bollywood-inspired romantic comedy involving a young businessman, sent to New Delhi on a business trip, and a desk clerk whom he meets when checking into his hotel.

Grant St. Shaving Co.

Payal Sethi / USA, India / 2010 / 14 min

A moving film about an Indian widower who journeys through New York to replace an antique razor, one given to him by his late wife on their first anniversary trip to the city.


Shiva Shankar Bajpai / USA, India / 2011 / 13 min

In this timely and profound film, an undocumented immigrant who works for a debt relief agency must choose between a girl he’s falling for and his work visa.

Victor Ramirez Asesino

Ravi Kapoor / USA / 2010 / 13 min

In this wonderfully offbeat comedy, Victor Ramirez decides to follow in his father's vocation, “assassin for hire.” But does he possess the killing gene?

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